IT Talent Recruitment

Inquire/Prospect Candidates

We make sure we seek the right IT talent from a wide variety of sources, including employee referrals and social networks.

Talent Pool

We identify potential IT talent by targeting essential skill sets for current and future opportunities. Candidate data (e.g. social profile and cv details) is collected and analyzed by NAEZ.

Candidate Engagement

We continuously engage with candidates to “sell” available positions and company culture.

Candidate Application

We make sure an interview is scheduled to receive feedback from hiring managers, tech leads, or CTOs. We select the right candidate to emerge. Every step of the way, candidate activity is tracked, so hiring teams and applicants can see real-time updates.


We finalize the process by hiring qualified candidates in different models:

  • Hire by NAEZ
  • Hire by a U.S. or Canadian company incorporated in Colombia
  • Hire by NAEZ temporarily and then join a U.S. or Canadian company

We are glad to hear about your available positions and be part of this process for your company to help you find the most qualified candidates.